I was surfing through my ‘Colleagues’ album in facebook and a surge of emotions suddenly flooded me. I realized I have so many memories during the short time of two years I was with the department. Before the restructuring, 2008 was really a year of family spirit. We had many activities together that year alone. From my very first CNY Lion Dance for our department in 2008, CNY crab dinner at Melben 2008, Kite Flying followed by sumptous dinner at Seafood International, Hong Kong trip, Ah Lian and Ah Beng theme D&D 2008, Bintan getaway and countless happy hours, clubbing experiences, business trips to slog together. 2009 after the restructuring was quiet for deparment activities but cliche activities was aplenty. I sincerely hope the vibrant culture will be back with a vengeance to make up the lost time..


1 April 2010. Work. 1 comment.


I am disappointed I was not part of the list. It’s really sad to know I am not valued. Though the new boss says otherwise and gives the politically correct answer, I am not convinced. Ultimately basic is still important because it is how the organization perceive you are worth. I know I will be taken care of as long as I perform but that’s the future and noone knows the future. And to people whom say incentive is more important than basic, why not you cut your increment to me? Since your incentive scheme is much better than mine.

6 March 2010. Work. Leave a comment.

Long Time

It’s been nearly a year since I last blog. Everytime something comes to my mind and I was thinking to blog about it. But these days I just want to disconnect myself from the technological world. And then the thoughts will just slip me by. 🙂 I’ve decided to be back. Hello my dear blog.

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Remember Me

Wanted to read this book for sometime. Saw it on sale in Popular today, bought it and just finished reading it. I like it. I enjoy Sophie Kinsella’s style of writing. It cracks me up..literally. I can be laughing out loud when I am reading it. Anyways, now I understand why the Sunflowers illustration on the book cover. 🙂

12 May 2009. Thoughts. 2 comments.


Relationships are so hard to master. Is there someone in the world with the perfect relationship with family and friends and colleagues? Perfect not as in just happily complementing or accomodating. But perfect.  I should think not because the world itself is not perfect I guess.

7 May 2009. Thoughts. 1 comment.


My life is moving along this circle line. I crave to break out of the circle. The world is a bigger place outside the circle. It’s the first working day of the month and I am now at the starting point of makes me feel demoralizing. Many of my colleagues have the same thinking. But my boss says “Don’t tell me you are low morale now. Wait till you lose your job, then come and tell me you are low morale.” I think my boss is trying his best to tell a joke, however, looking at my colleagues responses, I don’t think they find it funny. My circle is turning into a circus..

4 May 2009. Work. 2 comments.


Currently chasing this TVB serial on the net after watching a few episodes on channel U which is airing it. At the ‘sweet’ pair story now and it’s really cute and funny! I love doing nothing and just lazing at home watching tv..

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Breaking Eggs

Day in day out I keep thinking how to break eggs. I finally broke one quail egg. But it was a bad egg and got thrown away. I need to find and break an OSTRICH egg. Actually broken one also never mind, as long as there is still egg left and taste good. Where is it?!?!?!

25 April 2009. Work. 1 comment.

Old Movies

When I was in my primary school, my mother would often bring us to her sisters place so she can play mahjong or chit chat with them. Together with our cousins, we will then roam the estate of Tanah Merah exploring all the playgrounds in the area, break into houses under renovation to kaypo, find petshops to terrorise the animals. Sometimes, we will behave ourselves and watch chinese movies on rented VHS tapes. One of the movies we loved to rent were the vampire series movies. I remembered I always got quite scared after watching them.

Dar has been downloading movies online and I managed to find the movies. Brought back lots of memories for me. We were so young and carefree at that age..

And now I find the movies hilarious instead. Look at the cute little vampire!

19 April 2009. Thoughts. 2 comments.


What is trust. Each’s interpretation of trust is so different..

27 March 2009. Thoughts. 1 comment.

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